Vocabulary Basics – Tài liệu từ vựng cơ bản- IELTS SHARE

Vocabulary Basics will help your most basic students learn 240 core words important for moving ahead in school and at work. It is the first book on the market that truly meets the vocabulary needs of basic adult learners, including ESL, adult literacy, and pre-GED students.
Each new word is presented in ten different settings. Practices include sentence-completion activities and high-interest passages. And to develop students’ “ownership” of the new words, they are also asked to use the words in speaking and writing situations. No comparable book gives such sustained attention to the words-in-context approach.
Words and pronunciations are presented in easy-to-understand ways, sentence structure is kept simple, and paragraphs are kept brief. At the same time, the book uses a friendly, accessible tone that never condescends.
The wide variety of activities keeps students motivated. The lively, realistic, and even humorous practice materials grab students’ attention and enhance learning.
An Instructor’s Edition contains answers to all the activities in the student book as well as teaching guidelines; it will be available at no charge to instructors adopting the text. In addition, computer software, also now available as online exercises, provides added tests for each vocabulary chapter and features actual pronunciations of each word.

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