15 Days Practice For IELTS Writing

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Day 1: The IELTS Writing Test (Length of Time, Test Format, Marking Criteria, Skills for the Writing Module)
Day 2: Mini-Writing Practice
Day 3 – 4: Report Writing – Task 1 (An Introduction to Report Writing; The Layout of a Report Passage; Types of Charts; The Structure of a Report Passage; Commonly-Written Expressions, Tenses and Voice; Skills for Report Writing; Examiners’ Comments on Candidates)
Day 5:  Process or Diagram Writing – Task 1 (An Introduction to Process or Diagram; The Language Used in a Process; The Organisation of a Process Passage; Steps to Write a Process Passage
Day 6: Report Writing Practice
Day 7: Essay Writing – Task 2 (An Introduction to Essay Writing; Task Requirements; Skills for Essay Writing
Day 8: Opinion and Balanced-Argument (Opinion Essays; Balanced-Argument Essays)
Day 9: Discussion Essays
Day 10: Enumerative Essays
Day 11: Skills for Argument Essay Writing
Day 12: Sample Essays
Day 13: Essay Writing Practice
Day 14: Countdown to the Test (useful statements, writing practices)
Day 15: Sample Tests